Windows VPS Hosting Windows VPS Hosting

Hyper-V Windows VPS Hosting

  • Dedicated I/O Throughput: Local-storage RAID consisting of 8 hot-swappable enterprise-grade hard drives dedicated to 15 or less clients per server.
  • Dedicated CPU Cores: Dual AMD Opteron 6100 processors on a server-grade chassis with individual 2.0Ghz CPU-cores per Windows VPS client.
  • Perks of Virtualization: VPS servers benefit from a number of features that make it equal if not better than running your own dedicated servers. These include Fast setup, Highly scalable, Root access, Reboot, Shutdown & upgrade on-demand, Install any application, Change any file, etc...
  • Flexible VPS Hosting: When shared web hosting is too limiting, VPS is there to bridge the gap. Install anything, configure everything, you control the server! Find the level of control you require between the extensibility of Parallel's Virtuozzo Containers or the fine granular control of Windows Server 2008 powered by Hyper-V virtualization.
  • Internet Connectivity: Our state-of-the-art network is fully switched using Cisco network gear and is engineered with full redundancy to ensure there is no single point of failure. has fully redundant high-speed fiber optic connections to the Internet backbone with carriers UUNET and Big Pipe Inc. Network connectivity to our web servers will never be an issue.
Windows VPS Hosting Windows VPS Hosting

Windows Cloud Server Hosting

  • Fully Redundant Platform: The Cloud platform delivers a level of redundancy to compensate from multiple failures of hard drive, processing power, storage, etc. Customers of cloud do not have to purchase any physical infrastructure to handle fluctuations in traffic.
  • Control: Cloud computing customers maintain full administrative access to their server instance in order to manage the individual files or the operating system. Each administrative user has the ability to access and control the network, traffic, storage, power, etc.
  • Instant Scalability: Now Cloud computing customers do not need to burst for a few hours or days. They can promote their plans and website as per their business needs. In the Cloud network, the capacities of hard disk space, RAM, processing power, etc. can be easily and automatically increased or decreased as per the demands and applications of their business and/or other requirements.
  • Performance: In Cloud Hosting, the site operates on multiple servers connected together rather than focusing on the single server found in other traditional hosting services (shared/dedicated). Therefore, site performance is significantly improved because the traffic going to another site will not negatively affect the performance of your site. You can expect to receive consistently strong performance regardless of other traffic.
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